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Colette Kershaw

Colette Kershaw


Owner of Russell Info since Sept 2009.  I arrived in Russell in November 2001 from the UK .  When I arrived I could not believe how lucky I was to find this beautiful place.  After working from job to job in Russell, it was great for me to be given the opportunity to buy Russell Info.  Through our work at Russell Info we hope  we can continue to make a difference to Russell and the Bay.  Ensuring we give our clients an unforgettable traveling experience within the Bay and NZ.



Chief Greeter

I am very lucky to be able to come to work with mum.  In return I am Russell Info’s team mascot (the boss)! You  often see me on the wharf soaking up the sun.  If it ís too cold I go inside and sleep in my warm bed.  Cuddles are free of charge.  The visitors love me as I always give them a warm welcome to Russell….

Trudi Wharerau

Trudi Wharerau

Front Desk Wizz Kid

My family and I have been involved in the retail sector for all of my working life and for the majority of that time being self-employed. The last couple of years I have been employed by a Paihia Adventure Operation and gained a more intimate knowledge of how the networks within the local industry work and how best we can promote the beautiful Bay of Islands, to give National and International tourists the most fantastic experiences possible. To promote our Paradise to the World is easily the most exciting option for me going forward, my passion is to offer premium destinations with local knowledge to each and every one I come in contact.

Both myself & my client found Colette to be very efficient & prompt in handling our requirements. 

I’m glad I kept your card so I can let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed it and thank you so much for suggesting we go that way. 

…..I guess in your job you often don’t know how successful your advice is, so I’m glad I can let you know how much we appreciated it. 

Best wishes and kind regards, Sheila

Shiela, Surrey, United Kingdom

Tourist extraordinaire